T. E. Kemp Investigations

At Kemp Investigations we provide a wide range of investigative and related services.

We have the ability to conduct extensive investigations on your behalf along with designated support services such as facility security assessments, new employee fingerprinting or analysis of evidence and witness statements to support your court case. 

Attorney Services:

Witness Location, Tracking and Background Checks

Interviewing and Witness Statements

Crime Scene Evaluations and Follow-up

Subpoena and Other Process Services

Capitol Case Assistance.

Indigent Defense Investigations

Domestic Investigations:

Divorce and Infidelity

Domestic or Child Abuse

Child Custody and Support

Elder Care and Abuse

Pet or Animal Abuse

Criminal Investigations:

Crimes Against Persons (Homicide, Robbery, Assualt, Rape)

Property Loss and Theft

Missing Persons (voluntary or Involuntary)

Stalking and Harassment

Vandalism and Property Defacement

Fraud Investigations:

Workers Comp, Verification and Fraud

Fraudulent Insurance Claims

Credit Card and Check Fraud

Counterfeiting and Forgery

Identify Theft and Financial Impersonation 

Background Investigations:


      (Criminal Checks, Credentials Verification)

Employee Conduct and Internal Investigations

Contractor and Vendor Screening

Pre-Government Contract Clearances

Tenants, Renters, Seasonal Occupany Screening

Domestic Employee Screening:

        (Housekeepers, Babysitters, Etc.)

Corporate Investigations:

Skip Tracing

Asset Recovery

Loss Prevention and Detection

Risk Management Assessments

Fleet Management and Driver Shadowing

Internal - External Investigations (All Types)

Electronic Counter measures (Debugging)

Executive Protection (Bodyguard and Safety Escorts

Secure Transportation - Limousine Services

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Other Services:

GPS Tracking

Polygraph Examinations

Surveillance:  (Moving or Stationary)

Fingerprint Processing and Print Comparisons

Covert Photography:  (Video and Still)

Crime Prevention Service and Training

Identify Theft and Fraud Prevention Training

Security and Safety:

        (Assessments / Consultations)

Vehicle Collisions:

        (Investigation / Reconstruction)

Industrial / Construction Site Accident Investigations

Fire Scene Investigations:

        (Accidental or Suspicious)

If you do not see a service needed

please Ask.

        Services Provided

we provide photographic evidence in domestic violence investigations

We supply clients with detailed investigation reports and we will testify in court cases as needed

Investigation of industrial job site accidents (large or small)

We process crime scenes and evaluate physical evidence